Fonts Wants

A collection of fonts we* want (to use) and foundries we like.

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Fonts Wants

milieu frank
venus sans

Venus — Linotype

NBArchitekt 2015ED A1 mono

NB Architekt & NB Architekt Neue — Neubau

morion 03 serif

Morion — Type Designers Foundry

colophon system85

System85 — Colophon

playtype italian plate sans

Italian Plate No 1 — Playtype

graebenbach sans

Gräbenbach — Camelot Typefaces

Anselm Serif

Anselm Serif — František Štorm

ogg serif

Ogg — Village

noe regular italic serif

Noe Display — Schick Toikka

heavyweigh 01 sans


a is for apple knif mono mono

Knif Mono — A is for Apple

stanley regular serif

Stanley — Optimo

urw adroit serif

URW Adroit — URW

Luzi Type   Buenos Aires sans

Buenos Aires — Luzi Type

icone frutiger serif

Icone — Adrian Frutiger, Linotype

29lt zeyn type serif

29LT Zeyn — 29Letters

ostia extrabrut sans

Ostia Antica — Extrabrut

morion 02 serif

Morion — Type Designers Foundry

bernase serif

ITC Bernase Roman

RT dromo razzia type sans

RT Domo — Razzia Type

timmons ny sans

Timmons NY — Matt Willey

angus black mono

Angus — Black[Foundry]

brrr swisstypefaces sans

BRRR — Swiss Typefaces

Out of the Dark Raw

Raw — Out Of The Dark


Rasmus — Markus John

ff mark sans

FF Mark — FontFont

tumblr o6d12oXY8d1qcaxv1o1 1280
escrow serif

Escrow — Font Bureau

wolfgang schwaerzler graebenbach 05 mono

Gräbenbach Mono — Camelot Typefaces

gaia reisling type serif

Gaia — Riesling Type

yoann minet stratos sans

Stratos — Yoann Minet

Seperat Or Type sans

Separat — Or Type

sporting grotesque sans

Sporting Grotesque — Velvetyne

wired smoosh specimens serif

Smoosh — Typesupply

Domaine Sans Fine Fonts · Klim Type

Domaine Sans — Klim Type

merkury radim pesko mono

Merkury — Radim Pesko

moderat tight type

Moderat — Tight Type

david rudnick manmade sans

ManMake Redux — David Rudnick

fattype beausite classic sans

Beausite — Fatype

Stanhope RR Light serif

Stanhope RR Light — Stanhope

Eksell Display from Sweden serif

Eksell Display — Letters from Sweden

FS Sally Fontsmith serif

FS Sally — Fontsmith

Romana serif

Romana — Bitstream

Gandur alte other

Gandur Alte — Blackletra

chap schick toikka sans

Chap — Schick Toikka

Studio Aurèle Sack LL Grey sans

LL Grey — Studio Aurele Sack

YarzaTwins Hilario sans

Hilario — Yarza Twins

alias noah serif

Noah — Alias

Morion Web serif

Morion — Type Designers Foundry

feedtype atelier mono

Atelier Mono — Feedtype

bely typetogether serif

Bely — Typetogether

mediumextrabold atelier sans

Atelier Sans — Mediumextrabold

bold decisions gc16 serif

Gc16 — Bold Decisions

proto grotesk sans

Proto — Production Type

E162 Garamond Grotesk

E162 – Garamond Grotesk, by Loan Bottex

Lineto – Prisma other

Prisma — Lineto

rosart camelot serif

Rosart — Camelot

david rudnick neu symbol sans

Neu Symbol — David Rudnick

general type cambon

Cambon — General Type Studio

Burgess   Colophon serif

Burgess — Colophon Foundry

Google Fonts Rubik sans

Google Fonts: Rubik — Hubert and Fischer

a is for apple tongari serif

Tongari — A is for Apple


Clifton – Yoann Minet

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